" Da Vinci meets Tesla" at IIM Bangalore, India.

WORLD FINANCE// Large decline in home prices leads to the infamous Subprime housing crises.

INDIAN FINANCE // India becomes 1 Trillion GDP economy.


As students at IIM-B, conceptualized Fintech startup ideas. After the Subprime crisis , structured a unique Asset Mis-pricing Vs Returns matrix.

World // Barack Obama elected as the President of USA.

INDIAN FINANCE // Sensex touches a new high of 20000+ to the low of 8000- all in an year.

WORLD FINANCE // Global Financial Crisis. Stock Markets free fall/Lehman falls.


Started a portfolio around currency derivatives and built innovative technical tools for inter-market analysis.

World // Water discovered on Moon.

INDIA // UPA 2 wins Indian general elections.

WORLD FINANCE //Bernard Madoff sentenced to 150 years in jail.


Added a mix of futures of Indian and foreign markets to our market portfolio. Collaborated frequently to solve more fin problems. Generated 50% p.a returns.

World // The Greece debt crises wrecks havoc.


Devised a risk adjusted basket of uncorrelated instruments-- microfinance, arbitrage, corporate bonds and derivatives. Made a framework to mitigate market volatility and joined forces for a startup- Mudraksh & McShaw.

WORLD // Earthquake scaling 8.9 caused tsunami destroys Japan/World Stock Market's tumble.

INDIA // India becomes ICC cricket world cup champion.


Mudraksh & McShaw infuses prop capital. Microfinance returns shot up north of 70% p.a. Developed derivatives portfolio using diversified instruments. Returns shot up.

World // Facebook's Initial Public Offering (IPO) debuts.

INDIAN FINANCE //Indian economy grows the slowest in an year.


First Blockbuster-Year ends with 400% return. Accelerate the process innovation journey. First office is opened.

WORLD FINANCE //The Bitcoin rises.

INDIAN FINANCE // FDI approved by the government of India.


Focused on derivatives as core product, scaled down other segments. Built various structures so as to provide massive returns along with secure hedging flexibility. Had a Super-Return Day -Made 150% on a single day.

WORLD FINANCE // World oil price plunges to historical low.

INDIA // BJP wins historic election. Modi era begins.

INDIAN FINANCE // Stock Markets rekindle the animal spirit.


Mudraksh & McShaw diversifies into special financial instruments. Devised an innovative stock investment system based on principles like value, peer, growth etc along with market-alpha models. Returns increase 10X.

WORLD // The Climate Change deal reached by about 200 countries.

WORLD FINANCE // United States federal reserves' first rate hike since 2008./Algo/Mathematical trading takes the world by storm.


Returns on stocks portfolio beat the benchmark by 40%. Had a first 10 million+ Profit-Day.

WORLD // Donald Trump elected as US' president.

INDIAN FINANCE // India becomes the fastest growing economy. Demonetization implemented to curb the problem of Black Money.

WORLD FINANCE // Google overtakes Apple as World's most valuable company. Britain exits EU after referendum.


Developed multiple strategies using inverse- correlation, multiple underlying and multiple time frames. Stock portfolio continues beating the benchmark now 70% over 2 years. Asset Under Management (AUM) increases 10 times.

INDIA // GST implemented/Sensex touches all time high of 32500.


Founded in 2013 on principles of Integrity and Loyalty, Mudraksh and McShaw Advisory LLP is a new age technology driven asset management analytics firm built by visionaries.

Recognizing the absence of alternate investment opportunities in the capital markets of India, the founders embarked on a journey to devise strategies and develop financially engineered products which in the hands of the right people, would manage to deliver promising returns in both bulls and bears market, with minimal downside risks.

The founders, who hail from one of our nation's most prestigious educational institutions, continue to lead the firm and inspire all its members. Both, Mr. Priyank Dutt Dwivedi and Mr. Sariputta Sarkar have extensive experience and knowledge in the financial markets domain.Between them, the 2 leaders have over 21 years of experience and hold prestigious management degrees with specialization in finance, and a plethora of certifications pertaining to the financial markets discipline.

Mr. Priyank Dutt Dwivedi
After obtaining a bachelor in Engineering Mr. Dwivedi went on to work for a year, before realizing his inclination towards and passion for Business Management and Capital Markets. Thereafter, to explore his talent and potential, Mr. Dwivedi pursued a master's in business administration specializing in finance from the prestigious IIM- Bangalore. It was at IIM- Bangalore where he met Sariputta, and together they invested their time and resources to identify opportunities in the capital markets of India, that had yet not been explored and understood.

Mr. Sariputta Sarkar
Mr. Sarkar demonstrated strong analytical abilities from a young age and went ahead to pursue a bachelor in electrical engineering from the prestigious IIT- Kharagpur. Following his graduation, Mr. Sarkar gained valuable work experience in national and international firms. He traded on CME and CBOT both exchanges in Chicago and generated exceptional returns in Interest rate derivaties. That experience contributes to his work and management skills. The arena of financial markets had always tempted Mr. Sarkar; with exposure to the corporate world and his longings to be a part of the markets, Mr. Sarkar went forward to pursue an MBA in finance from IIM Bangalore. It was at IIM, along Mr. Dwivedi, that he gained exhaustive knowledge of a multitude of financial instruments and the know how of their use.


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