Mudraksh’s team analyzes and invests directly in Clean Energy Solutions in the market. This includes clean and low-carbon power generation assets and related infrastructure employing emerging technologies.

We choose to invest in upcoming Economic and Clean Energy opportunities which have lower risk profile. Since clean energy projects can benefit via various factors such as increasing demand, competitiveness, government subsidies as well as global environmental need, it creates an investment option to be profitable as well as ethical at the same time.

Clean Energy Activities we engage in include:
-Solar Farms
-Solar Rooftops
- Hybrid Power

We fill that gap with net credit positive positioning in the derivatives spread marketplace, aimed at providing periodic cash flows. Our Fixed Income Credit generates directionless alpha each quarter in order to create regular quarterly cash flows. By investing across the credit-spread spectrum through multi-strategy, relative-value approach we generate liquid absolute and relative-return strategies to match investors' myriad needs.