Eat our own cattle food

How to give superior investment performance? We don’t just help customers do it-we do it ourselves every day. We are our own first customers, so naturally, we have a continuous feedback loop on our product and it’s made us better for it. We believe experiencing the same pains and problems customers feel is a prerequisite to building a great solution.

 Build credibility through   transparency

Customers won’t engage with an organization they don’t trust. Managers won’t toil for an institution that doesn’t interact with them. We are dedicated to building trust internally and externally. When we make a mistake, we come forward. When we don’t know what to do or how to do it, we look for help. When we’re excited, we invite everyone to celebrate.

 Really solve real problems

We’re not building ways to throw sheep or till virtual farms. We’re focused on solving real problems and solving them well. This means understanding these issues, making sure our solutions actually help, and not letting our grand visions get in the way of actually launching things.

 Help people achieve their goals

We always want to improve and grow. We don’t hire anyone who isn’t going to get something out of the experience. We don’t want to sell investment solutions unless it benefits them, and we’ll help them find a better tool if that’s what they need. Anyone who comes into contact with us should be better for it, whether they’re an employee, customer, or partner.

 Have empathy and give respect

It’s hard to build things that help people unless you understand their pain, and it’s hard to understand their pain unless you respect them. We strive to empathize with our customers, fellow team members, and any others we interact with. We take every opportunity we have to understand our customers. We remember that no idea, client, or viewpoint is idiotic.

 Don’t be a yes-man

Great ideas don’t happen in a vacuum. We encourage debate and collaboration. We expect questions and we prepare to back up our decisions. Being a feedback-forward company, we naturally welcome feedback on all parts of Mudraksh & McShaw from all of our employees, customers, and partners. We believe healthy disagreements lead to better product solutions.

 Prepare for the unexpected

No economic fundamentals have gone completely according to the script. Markets will react in unexpected ways, areas of anticipated outcomes will fall away, and the external environment will shift. Effectively managing investments requires constantly reassessing the economic scenario and the willingness and ability to innovate in the next wave of transformation.

 Strives for excellence, operates   with integrity

The Zeal to get the best results out of all the areas of our operation has been our motto from the beginning. Being an important aspect of professionalism, we inculcate quality perfection in every operation we are dived in. The success of an organization is built off of the trust of customers, employees and the general public. Hence every operation is done with integrity.

 Servant leadership

No company can coerce or exploit their employees(and even itself) to be immaculately selfless, but we can all do our bits.One of the main reason for our inception was to counter the mis-selling of financial products. We have an ethos of serving the society by leading it to the echelon of financial awareness. We believe that a better society can be built by raising both the aptitude to serve and the very performance as servant of existing major institutions by new regenerative forces operating within them.